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Our business services range from helping you finance your business including business premises and equipment whether you’re thinking of owning commercial property to run your business from or for investment purposes as a landlord or developer. From having the initial business idea & beginning to make plans, we can help make this happen.

There are many different products available for business owners and we offer a comprehensive service tailored to you and your business:

Commercial Mortgages

Whether it be a commercial mortgage for owner occupiers or investment purposes, as a ‘whole of market’ advisor, our recommendations are unbiased and tailored to ensure that you get the best solution for your circumstances.

Business Insurance

There are many different types of business insurance. But most businesses need the basics, like General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance. Designed to cover your business and the people who work for you if your company faces loss, damage, injury or legal action.

Business Protection

As a business owner you have the responsibility of making sure your business is protected against many things, so you’ve no doubt insured your buildings, contents, stock and materials. However, it’s just as important to cover your biggest asset – yourself and any key employees.

Buy to Let Mortgage

We are a whole-of-market mortgage broker which means we can offer and give advice on all products available to landlords. The rules around buy-to-let mortgages can be a bit of a minefield, with our expertise we can help you choose the right product for you.

Development Finance

These short-term loans are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are looking to renovate, refurbish or buy just a single residential property, or are considering large-scale multi-unit residential complexes, there is a development finance option for you.

Commercial Finance

We have access to a huge range of different finance products designed specifically for businesses. Commercial finance allows businesses of every size to achieve their goals by investing in assets, taking on new staff and keeping a healthy level of cashflow.

As specialists in helping business owners and developers, we can fast track your journey to success; building on key relationships that we have with the right lenders for your circumstances. We can use our many years of expertise within the industry to help you finance your business goals and take it to the next level.

There are many other advantages of using commercial finance for your business and protecting your key assets including:

  • Tax Advantages when you can off-set allowable expenses against your business turnover.
  • No more wasted rent money. Over several years, the cost of renting business premises and equipment can really mount up and your money is going into someone else’s pocket. Invest in and add value to your business by owning the property that you work hard for.
  • Protecting your business through contingency planning should a key employee or shareholding director die, means you can do the right thing by the key person in leaving their family in a good financial position.  It also protects your business from the difficulties that can come with shares transferring to the estate of a deceased person. Not doing this, can leave a business in need of raising funds to buy out the shares which most business owners do not have.


To start your client journey with The Money Guardian, you can register for our client portal and complete your client questionnaire, we can then provide an initial review of your circumstances at no charge.

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