First Time Landlords

Are you looking to buy a property to rent?
Becoming a landlord can be an effective way to boost income.


First Time Landlords

Are you looking to buy a house or a flat to rent out? Becoming a landlord can be an effective way to make an income, but you’ll need to be in a fairly good position financially before you begin.

You need to be sure that you can afford to take a risk, as the long-term property value is out of your control, and there may be months where you don’t have a tenant or the property’s expenses escalate (if you need to replace the boiler, for example).

Buy-to-let mortgage lenders follow a lot of the same principles as consumer mortgage lenders, with a few added extras to ensure you’re a good candidate. You may also need a larger deposit than if you were buying a home to live in.

Interest rates and fees tend to be higher for buy-to-let mortgages, so it can be hard to know whether you’re getting a good deal. Working with an experienced mortgage advisor can save you time and money, and put your mind at rest.

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Melanie, Director of The Money Guardian, says:

“Please do get in touch if you’d like help getting a mortgage for rental properties in Berkshire and the surrounding counties. As a whole of market advisor, I’m not tied to any particular lenders so my recommendations are based purely on what will work for you”.

“From the initial meeting with Melanie to the point of the mortgage offer I was kept well informed, received regular updates and felt at ease asking any queries I had. 

Melanie was so accommodating to my busy work schedule appreciating that often  leaving a voicemail, text or email was the best way to contact me, and often taking my  returning calls outside working hours.  Even when faced with a minor setback from one lender Melanie remained positive  and proactive in achieving the best outcome for me personally. I genuinely would not  have been able to obtain the outcome I have without the professionalism and support  from Melanie”.

Grace, Accountant, Maidenhead

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