Income Protection
from The Money Guardian

Income Protection from The Money Guardian

Have you considered how long you would be able to pay your household bills and living expenses if you were unable to work for a period of time, due to illness or an injury?

Do you have company sick pay and, if so, do you know how long it pays out for? Or are you self-employed? With the current state of the economy, many companies are offering fewer days of paid leave before reverting to Statutory Sick Pay – which is less than £90* per week. Many families in this situation would struggle to make ends meet without a back-up plan.

If you live month by month, you’re not on your own. Most people have little or no savings available if they find themselves unable to work for any length of time. Income Protection is an affordable and sensible solution for lots of people, as it ensures that you and your family continue to receive enough money to cover your household bills and living expenses while you recover – giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on getting better.

*Accurate on 1st January 2018. See for the latest figures.

“As a self-employed painter and decorator I was concerned, if I had an illness or injury and was unable to work, how this would affect me financially. Melanie was able to recommend suitable options including income protection and critical illness cover, explaining everything I needed to know. Melanie was helpful and friendly throughout the process and I would recommend her to anyone”.

Ben, Painter & Decorator, Reading

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