Single Parent

Being solely responsible for the wellbeing of your child
can sometimes feel overwhelming.
We're here to help.

Single Parent

Being a parent is a challenge. But being solely responsible for the wellbeing of your child – as well as the day-to-day running of your home, career and finances – can sometimes feel overwhelming. We’re here to help.

If you haven’t done it already, getting your will sorted is probably high on your ‘to do’ list. But making the time, when you’re already so busy, can be hard. Perhaps you’re not sure where to start. We make the process simple. For more information click here.

Equally important for your peace of mind is life insurance so that, if the worst were to happen to you, your children and their guardians would not be left to fend for themselves financially. To find out more about the options available to you please get in touch.

Perhaps you’re worried about how you’d pay the bills if you were unable to work for any length of time, due to illness or an injury (either your own or your child’s). It may be worth considering income protection or critical illness cover, to safeguard your home and living expenses – just in case life doesn’t go according to plan.

Perhaps you’re looking to move home and you’re not sure whether you can afford it by yourself. Whether you’re looking to buy property for the first time or you’re in need of a change, please get in touch. We have extensive knowledge of the market and love to help people find solutions where the odds don’t seem too great. 

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Melanie, Director of The Money Guardian says:

“Single parenting can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do, it will also be the most rewarding, I know because I did it for a number of years until I met my second husband. I’m proud of my time as a single parent, I meet lots of other single parents who are doing a great job too. I use this experience to give others confidence if they are facing life as a single parent for the first time, and it’s important that they plan financially’.

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